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#eCO provides the end-to-end solutions that most benefits to the whole communities, we serve. Tech is always the key challenges for our communities especially low- & medium-income generators and consumers. We at #eCO do the best to ensure we simply the tech to be simple and be able to serve everyone to be better everyday through the existing features below:

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#eCO is the 1st social commerce in Cambodia. We learns the challenges in communities and seek the solutions and compliment the innovation to ensure our communities are better everyday.

#eCO was the dream of yesterday but with tech experience and development from 5 years back. Our team never stop the dreaming together with real execution. We have innovated everyday so that we can serve more and serve better. With this far, we have gone through different key tech developments:

Web Dev't & E-POS
eCO Development

eCO System (eMarketplace + ePOS)

eCO Social Commerce

Projects & Case Studies for Vendors

Our Portfolio
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អត្ថប្រយោជន៍ទាំង១០នៃ QR Digital Menu [ MENU]

១. ភ្ញៀវឃើញរូបមុខម្ហូប ឫភេសជ្ជៈទំនង ពួកគាត់អាចបញ្ជាទិញបន្ថែមលើការកម៉្មង់ធម្មតា
២. ភ្ញៀវអាចមើលរូបភាពមុខម្ហូប ឫភេសជ្ជៈច្បាស់ៗ ជាមួយនឹងតម្លៃនៅទីនោះស្រាប់
៣. ភ្ញៀវលែងចាំបាច់សួរបុគ្គលិកថាមុខម្ហូបណាឆ្ញាញ់ មុខម្ហូបណាថ្មី មុខម្ហូបណាគេញ៉ាំច្រើនជាងគេទៀតហើយ
៤. ភ្ញៀវលែងខកចិត្តកម៉្មង់ហើយអត់បានព្រោះអស់ស្តុកទៀតហើយ
៥. ភ្ញៀវអាចឃើញការបញ្ចុះតម្លៃ ឫកម្មវិធីពិសេសៗរបស់ហាងយើង
៦. ភ្ញៀវលែងចាំបាច់សួរបុគ្គលិករកលេខសម្ងាត់WIFIទៀតហើយ គាត់អាចឃើញវាពេលស្កេន
៧. ភ្ញៀវលែងចាំបាច់សួរបុគ្គលិករកគណនីធនាគារ របស់ហាងទៀតហើយ គាត់អាចឃើញវាពេលស្កេន
៨. ម្ចាស់ហាងលែងចំណាយលុយទៅធ្វើម៉ឺនុយទៀតហើយ ពិសេសពេលថែមម្ហូប ឫភេសជ្ជៈថ្មី ឫលុបចោលមុខម្ហូបខ្លះចេញ
៩. ក្លាយជាហាងដែលដើរទាន់សម័យបច្ចេកវិទ្យា
១០. ភ្ញៀវអាចរកហាងរបស់អ្នកតាមអនឡាញបានផងដែរ

ធ្វើដូចម្តេចទើបអាចទទួលបាន #eCO Menu យកដាក់ហាង?

eCO-Menu Pricing

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Operation Features for Vendors

Customers [Local Residents] can self orders, self pickup, checkout delivery, call to orders, any chat messenger to orders

* Get separate vendor profile dashboard to manage vital information and activities
* Can see all time order received, sales, earning, total products and total reviews
* Can set store logo, banner, profile picture to represent store
* Can setup most popular social media links of shop
* Get place to manage their catalogue (Products)
* Can add normal and/or downloadable products
* Manage two type of shipping charges for products
* Fixed shipping charges based on order
* Fixed shipping charges based on number of products in cart
* Set mode of commission (Payment) for fulfilled orders at store
* Manage own orders from store via seller panel and fulfil it
* Can view commission rate for each order and total commission earned
* Can view all time earning from sales
* Can view all commission (payment) settlement
* Get place to view all enquiries
* Get place to view all reviews
* Get own page which display seller information, shop information and all products in display

eCO-Operation Pricing

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Point Of Sale Features

Offine sales & Online sales

- Multi Language and Multi Currency with RTL Supported.
- Works in offline mode and synced all the offline data automatically after online.
- Quick Checkout With Payment Method Selection.
- POS owner can select existing customer at the time of checkout.
- Vendor can set store details like name, address, email, Tax number, etc. to show in customer invoice.
- Separate login panel for the pos terminal.
- Product can be added by scanning barcode through barcode scanner.
- ePOS User can add multiple custom discounts and custom taxes at checkout.
- ePOS User can add multiple coupons and vouchers at checkout.
- ePOS User can add multiple custom charges like shipping cost, handling charge, etc at checkout.
- Vendor can generate barcodes for the product with productID, UPC, SKU, or EAN.
- Vendor can add existing product barcode like manufacturer barcode by entering barcode number, scanning the barcode, or import through excel sheet in a one button click.
- Separate popup window for product information.
- ePOS user can create new customers at the pos terminal.
- ePOS user can enter barcodes manually by typing barcodes at the pos terminal.
- ePOS user can hold the carts and restore them again.
- ePOS user can set custom payment and order status.
- ePOS user can add order comment.
- ePOS user select customer's existing payment and shipping address as well as add the new address.
- ePOS user can see previous pos orders and also print the receipt.
- ePOS user can load most popular products at the pos terminal.
- ePOS user can return the product at the pos terminal.
- ePOS user can change product price at the cart with including tax or without tax.
- ePOS user can apply the custom discounts to cart products individually.
- Total saving in pos order receipt.
- Accept decimal value for product quantity ex: for grocery items. as well as allow using product weight, length, width, or unit to calculate product price for decimal value.
- ePOS user can add custom product to the cart with selected tax class.
- ePOS user can enter cash paid by the customer. And pos calculates cash change and show it to the pos user. Cash paid and cash change is shown in the pos receipt.
- Vendor can create product options variations and can add individual barcodes for variations.
- Vendor can set all product prices are included Tax and product actual cost is calculated automatically in the pos terminal.
- Vendor can set return success status for product stock/quantity reverse.
- Vendor can set purchase cost for each product through excel sheet import.
- Vendor can set email template for multiple emails like cashier login and out, a custom product, return, etc

e-POS Pricing

Select a suitable plan for your current & future business

Our Plans

The current modern society is very much different from what it was a few decades ago. The reason for this drastic modernization is the technological advances taking place.

Digital Menu

$250+ and monthly fee Life-time FREE
  • scan to see menu ( free QR stand until 20 PCs )
  • click to see menu
  • 50 products
  • 5 images/product
  • manage store design: logo, banners
  • manage products features: featured products, special offers, product’s folders
  • Listing your store in community business directory

Store Operation

15-30% of sales amount

100៛ - 300៛/transaction

self orders, self pickup, checkout delivery, call to orders, any chat messenger to orders
  • manage products features: featured products, [best sales], special offers, product’s folders
  • manage store design: logo, banners
  • multi branches management
  • full manage operations [ sales, payments & logistics ]
  • reports
  • ….etc, always understand your biz needs!

Premium Store

$700+ and monthly fee $150 Only
  • Dynamic based on your business industry
  • Customized own branding


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Morgan Tower: #Building 7, 9th Floor, Unit 5, Khan Chroy Changvar, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.