Pork Noodle Soup
Code: A01
Fish Meatball Noodle Soup
Code: A02
Beef Noodle Soup
Code: A03
Pork Bone Noodle Soup
Code: A04
Ultimate Noodle Soup
Code: A05
Duck Leg Noodle Soup
Code: A06
Wonton Noodle Soup
Code: A07
Seafood Wonton Soup
Code: A08
Duck Noodle Soup
Code: A09
Special Duck Noodle Soup
Code: A10
Duck Dried Noodle
Code: A11
Special Duck Dried Noodle
Code: A12
Duck Leg Dried Noodle
Code: A13
Beef Stew Noodle
Code: B01
Sizzling Steak and Egg
Code: B02
Beef Stew Bread
Code: B03
Beef Fried Noodle
Code: B04
Fried Noodle-Chicken
Code: B05
Fried Noodle-Pork
Code: B06
Fried Noodle-Pate
Code: B07
Seafood Fried Noodle
Code: B08
Beef Phat Thai
Code: B09
Chicken Phat Thai
Code: B10
Pork Phat Thai
Code: B11
Seafood Phat Thai
Code: B12
Short Noodle Beef
Code: B13
Lort Cha Chicken
Code: B14
Lort Cha Pork
Code: B15
Lort Cha Pate
Code: B16
Short Noodle Seafood
Code: B17
Burlap Beef lok Lak
Code: C01
Beef Lok Lak and Rice
Code: C02
Pan Fried Pork & Rice
Code: C03
Spicy Pork Phao
Code: C04
Chicken Hainanese & Rice
Code: C05
Duck Leg & Rice
Code: C06
Deep Fried Chicken and Rice
Code: C07
Dry Fish & Rice
Code: C08
Shrimp Past Fried Rice (Beef)
Code: D01
Shrimp Past Fried Rice (Chicken)
Code: D02
Shrimp Past Fried Rice (Pork)
Code: D03
Shrimp Past Fried Rice (Seafood)
Code: D04
Seafood Fried Rice
Code: D05
Beef Fried Rice
Code: D06
Sweet Basil Fried Rice (Beef)
Code: D07
Sweet Basil Fried Rice (chicken)
Code: D08
Sweet Basil Fried Rice (Pork)
Code: D09
Sweet Basil Fried Rice (Seafood)
Code: D10
Salmon Fried Rice
Code: D11
Yang Jov Fried Rice
Code: D12
Somchouk Congee
Code: E01
Fish Congee
Code: E02
Pork Congee
Code: E03
Chicken Congee
Code: E04
Dried Fish Salted Egg & Porridge
Code: E05
Clay Pot Frog Porridge Ginger
Code: E07
Shrimp Dumpling
Code: F01
Pork Bun
Code: F02
Golden Custard Bun
Code: F03
Custard Bun
Code: F04
Taro Bun
Code: F05
Sasiew Bun
Code: F06
Steamed Chive Dumpling
Code: F07
Fresh Yuba Roll
Code: F08
Steam Chicken Claw
Code: F09
Siu Mai
Code: F10

Siu Mai


Fried Chive Dumpling
Code: F11
Beef Burger
Code: G01
Crispy Chicken Burger
Code: G02
Pesto Chicken Club Sandwich
Code: G03
Code: G04



Sausages & Eggs Skillet
Code: G05
Nom Pang Saj
Code: G06
Omelet Toast
Code: G07
Tuna Salad
Code: G08
Caesar Salad
Code: G09
Spaghetti Tom Yum
Code: G10
Spaghetti Carbonara
Code: G11
Crispy Chicken Winglets
Code: H01
Crispy Prawn
Code: H02
Crunchy Spring Rolls
Code: H03
Fried Calamari and Tiger Prawn
Code: H04
Potato Chip
Code: H05
French Fried
Code: H06
Glass Noodle Salad-Chicken
Code: I01
Glass Noodle Salad-Bacon
Code: I02
Glass Noodle Salad-Seafood
Code: I03
Lotus Stem Salad-Chicken
Code: I04
Lotus Stem Salad-Bacon
Code: I05
Lotus Stem Salad-Seafood
Code: I06
Shrimp Paste Dips
Code: I07
Smoky Fish & Mango Salad
Code: I09
Prohok Ktes
Code: I10
Spicy Beef & Mix Vegies Salad
Code: I11
Labb Beef
Code: I13
Tek Kreng Batthombong
Code: I14
Spicy Beef & Baby Broccoli
Code: I15
Shrimp Koh Kong
Code: I16
Labb Salmon Fish
Code: I17
Lemongrass Sour Soup-Beef
Code: J01
Lemongrass Sour Soup-Chicken
Code: J02
Lemongrass Sour Soup-Pork
Code: J03
Lemongrass Sour Soup-Pork Rib
Code: J04
Lemongrass Sour Soup-Trei Roh
Code: J05
Lemongrass Sour Soup-Trei Ke
Code: J06
Khmer Mixed Vegies Soup-Trei Ke
Code: J07
Khmer Mixed Vegies Soup-Chicken
Code: J08
Khmer Mixed Vegies Soup-Pork Rib
Code: J10
Vietnamese Sour Soup-Chicken
Code: J11
Vietnamese Sour Soup-Pork Rib
Code: J12
Vietnamese Sour Soup-Trei Roh
Code: J13
Vietnamese Sour Soup-Trei Ke
Code: J14
Machu Prey-Beef
Code: J15
Machu Prey-Chicken
Code: J16
Machu Prey-Pork
Code: J17
Machu Prey-Pork Rib
Code: J18
Machu Prey-Trei Roh
Code: J19
Machu Prey-Trei Ke
Code: J20
Morning Glory Sour Soup
Code: J21
Water Lily Sour Soup
Code: J22
Pickled Lime Soup-Chicken
Code: J23
Pickled Lime Soup-Frog
Code: J24
Outside Pot Sour Soup
Code: J25
Sour Soup-Beef
Code: J26
Sour Soup-Chicken
Code: J27
Taro Soup-Pork Rib
Code: J28
Taro Soup-Chicken
Code: J29
Taro Soup-Trei Roh
Code: J30
Wax Melon Soup-Pork Rib
Code: J31
Wax Melon Soup-Minced Pork
Code: J32
Wax Melon Soup-Chicken
Code: J33
Fish Meaball Tofu Soup-Choy Sum
Code: J35
Fish Meaball Tofu Soup-Cabbage
Code: J37
Broher Soup-Smoky Fish
Code: J38
Broher Soup-Trei Roh
Code: J39
Bamboo Shoot Broher Soup-Trei Ke
Code: J41
Tom Yum Soup-Seafood
Code: J43
Tom Yum Soup-Chicken
Code: J44
Clay Pot Frog Ginger
Code: J45
Clay Pot Frog Ginger & Pepper
Code: J46
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetable
Code: K01
Stir Fried Baby Brocolli
Code: K02
Stir Fried Pak Choy ( No meat )
Code: K04
Stir Fried Chinese Cabbage
Code: K05
Stir Fried Choy Sum
Code: K06
Stir Fried Straw Mushroom-Beef
Code: K07
Stir Fried Straw Mushroom-Pork
Code: K08
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