Benefits of Local Vendors

Benefits of Local Vendors With

General businesses
- Able to present online (customer can search your business online)
- Able to sell products or services online
- Allow customers to order online (depend on business types)
- Get free QR code which customers can scan to see the detail of your business
- Reduce numbers of bank QR codes on the table

Able to displace key information which is important for customers:
    + Store digital design
    + List all products or service (example: detail menu plus price)
    + Contact detail (address, phone number, email, website, facebook, youtube, instragram)
    + Business operations hours (example: 6:00AM -10:00PM)
    + Special offer or promotion
    + New coming products or services
    + Job announcement
    + Other notifications (example: store closing for special days)

- Able to access the analytic reports (eCO-Features)
- Able to access to vendors’ operations features (eCO-Operation)
- Able to access the e-POS features (eCO-POS)

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