Cake Candle size-L (350g)
Code: M002
Cookie Candle Jar (80g)
Code: M009
Cheese Candle -M (140g)
Code: M007
Cake Candle-S (110g)
Code: M003
Pudding Candle (70g)
Code: M004
Bread Candle (100g)
Code: M001
Yogurt Candle (120g)
Code: M005
Cookie Candle (3pcs/set)
Code: M008
Terrazzo Tray
Code: M012
Cloud Candle (200g)
Code: M006
Merry Candle
Code: M012
Tea-Light Candle (tester size 25g)
Code: M011
Fruity Tea-light candle (4pcs/set)
Code: M010
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Moon Candelia

Craft candle studio Home Decoration | Scented soy candle Create your space | Home décor
[Online Store] available in Phnom Penh and Provinces

      Phnom Penh,ភ្នំពេញ - Phnom Penh

      កម្ពុជា - Cambodia,12000

WiFi : Moon Candelia

You can access WiFi unless you are standing at real store and scanning QR code in store!

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